Simple, fair pricing

The first two issues of your Letterloop are free. Afterwards, one person in your Letterloop can sponsor it on behalf of the entire group to keep it going for the price of a cup of coffee — $5 per month.
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Can I have multiple Letterloops on my subscription?
Yes! When you subscribe, you can start and run an unlimited number of Letterloops. All Letterloops you start will appear in your dashboard for easy management.
Do I need a credit card upfront?
Nope! You can sign up and send your first two issues completely free. Afterwards, one person from your group can sponsor the Letterloop to keep it going.
How many people can I add to my Letterloop?
We recommend keeping your Letterloop between 3-10 people. If you have a group with more than 10 people, consider if it makes sense to break it into smaller groups so that each can have their own Letterloop.
What does my subscription include?
Your subscription sponsors your existing Letterloop and allows you to create unlimited additional Letterloops at no extra charge. Each Letterloop includes unlimited members and fully customizable questions and sections.
Who pays for the Letterloop subscription?
Just one person from your group can sponsor the Letterloop for everyone. If you're the admin but someone else wants to sponsor the Letterloop, just forward the subscription link to them!
What if I need to cancel?
We think you're going to love Letterloop, but of course understand that sometimes the timing isn't right. If you ever need to cancel, just log into your account and head to the Billing tab. You can cancel or update billing information from there. Alternatively, feel free to shoot us an email at: