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The Urgency of Slowing Down
There’s certainly no shortage of communication tools. And yet, it seems each month there's a new app promising a faster and fancier way to connect with others — a reflection of our real need for human connection.

These apps give us more likes, more comments, more notifications. They connect us to more people than ever before, saturating our bandwidth for relationships.

But if technology aims to bring us closer together, then why do so many of us still feel disconnected? Despite these tools that are meant to connect us, why are we still dubbed, "America’s loneliest generation"?

If you’re like us, you talk to your family and close friends over chat, sometimes over phone or video. You often end up playing phone tag. Usually, the conversations are about the basics. The facts of your life, how you’re doing, what they’re up to.

Only occasionally do you get to dive into deeper conversations about their biggest goals, hardest challenges, and truest feelings. Rarely do you get to share and hear without the distractions of life tugging from around the corner.

We spend much of our lives talking to our friends and family, but are we simply running on automatic — relying on old, unconscious habits and hoping for the best? Do we fall into the same, familiar patterns of communication, yet find ourselves wishing for something more?

In a world that values speed and concurrency, we're offering a change of pace. Creating deeper connections isn’t just about creating better software — it’s about creating better space.

Space to slow down

Space to come curious

Space to get real.

Letterloop is a space to connect better — not just more. It’s an invitation to hop out of life’s fast lane and hear from the people that matter to us most. It’s a way to ask inquisitive questions that lead to meaningful experiences, deepening our most important relationships.

Technology promises a world brought closer together. We think delivering on that promise requires slowing down, not speeding up. True to our word, we built Letterloop entirely on email. It’s a deliberately slow experience that gives us space and time to connect differently.

If you’re curious about a change of pace, we invite you to try Letterloop. We hope it becomes as meaningful a space for your friends and family as it has for us.

— Candace, Bharat, & Jonathan