What is Letterloop and how does it work?
Letterloop is a fun way to have a group newsletter without the work. You pick the questions for your group to answer, then Letterloop creates a fun and beautiful newsletter with everyone's replies. All you need is to do is invite your people!
How is this different from calling and texting?
Letterloop lets you ask and answer meaningful questions about everyone's lives that don't often come up over call or text.

In our experience, calls are wonderful, but thinking of great questions (and answering them!) on the spot can be tough. It's easy to fall into the same patterns of communication. Plus, while group calls are fun, they can quickly get too chaotic for everyone to ask and answer thoughtful questions.

Texting is convenient but isn't designed for everyone to get a chance to share at the same time. Chat threads offer spontaneity and are a great way to share bits of your life in real-time. But when was the last time you asked everyone in your thread a question like, "What brings you energy and joy lately?"

Letterloop lets you ask these kinds of questions over email, giving people the time and space to reply. At the end of each cycle, the replies are presented in a fun and beautiful newsletter delivered to everyone's inbox. It's our way of slowing down that we hope you'll adopt as a new ritual with your friends and family.
What are the questions and who chooses them?
We crafted a set of questions designed to spark fun and thoughtful replies. The questions range from updates about your week to thoughts on identity, life stories, and personal philosophies.

Each newsletter cycle, we'll suggest 3 questions for you. You can always swap questions or add your own. Plus, members of your newsletter can ask their own questions that you can include too.
Does Letterloop cost anything to use?
Your first two Letterloop issues are completely free. Afterwards, one person from your group can sponsor the Letterloop to keep it going for everyone for $5 per month. Plus, you can create unlimited additional Letterloops at no extra charge.

Among social apps, costing money is unusual. But we think costing money is a good thing — it means we never show ads, and we never sell your data. It lets us keep Letterloop a truly private and meaningful place for your friends and family.

If your Letterloop brings everyone closer together, we hope you find it valuable enough to pay for it directly.
How does Letterloop handle privacy?
Privacy matters a lot to us. The replies and photos you share can only be viewed by the family and friends you add to your newsletter. We never share data with third parties, and we don't use your information to serve ads or send marketing content. At any time, you can erase your data.
How do I make changes to my Letterloop?
Shoot an email over to hello@letterloop.co and we'll take care of anything you need. We can help you add members, adjust your frequency, change your Letterloop name, or anything else you need.

Stay tuned for a shiny new admin panel coming soon that will let you control your Letterloop from our web app, too!
I want to use this! How do I make sure everyone's interested?
When you sign up, you have the opportunity to write a short, personal note that will be sent to everyone you invite. It gets included in the onboarding email to your group members. This helps personally introduce Letterloop to your friends and family, and explain how it works at the same time.

Sometimes a heads up can be helpful too. Try sending this in your group chat after you sign up:

“Hey everyone, I found this neat service called Letterloop! It lets us have our own group newsletter where we all ask and answer interesting questions about our lives. The whole thing is done over email. I just signed us up, so be on the lookout for an onboarding email. I'm excited to see what everyone has to say!”