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No.3 | October 4, 2020
✎ Made by Jason, Ariel, Leanna, Daniel, Mom, & Dad
What kind of a kid you were? Naughty? Shy? Always harassing parents?
Big J: hmm, pretty naughty. Remember the duck? Thanks Mom and Dad for dealing with me lol.
Ariel: I was a cute chubby little kid who was always smiling, always playing in the playground and always running for the ice cream truck. Everyone would always pinch my cheeks also, I looked like a chubby boy because I had a bowl hair cut. Haha 😁 Good times...
Leanna: I was a cooperative kid 😛
Daniel: Pretty shy and read a TON of books.
Mom: I really loved painting and spent a lot of time in grandpa's study drawing.
Dad: Adventurous and curious. My brothers and I would always be exploring the neighborhoods, playing sports, and hanging out with our friends
Where have you been the most challenged over the past 6 months?
Big J: honestly, been struggling the most with my mental health lately. being quarantined alone has been really hard. both of my housemates left to see family since the start of quarantine so, haven't seen friends or touched anyone in the last 5 months...i found different ways to keep my spirits up though like weekly video chats with my college friends and you guys.
Ariel: I gained the COVID 19. 🤣 The stress and uncertainty has made it really hard to stay focused on my health goals and I started binge eating way more than I did before...

The good news is that Carly and I are starting a new fitness program by Chloe Ting (a fitness youtuber). I'm really happy to have an workout buddy.
Leanna: Saying "no" to people I am a "yes" on, because I'm spending more time putting myself first before anyone else.
Daniel: Focus and staying motivated on my goals, especially with creative pursuits...
Mom: I'm still adjusting to remote work and sitting in the home office all day instead of meeting with everyone in person.
Dad: Being more patient
📸 Photo Wall
Big J: wednesday 12:30pm
Ariel: New baby to add to the collection! :-)
Mom: Bakery nearby opened for outdoor dining! Grabbed this AMAZING pie with Dad.
Dad: Caught the sunrise
☀️ One Good Thing
Big J: Pretty grateful again for my health and my recent recovery from my running injury.
Mom: Work has slowed down and I recently got nominated for an award. Woot!
Dad: Fishing trip next weekend
📢 Shout-Outs
Leanna: S/O to Alice for boy advice!
Ariel: Jason for starting this letterloop and always coordinating activities for us to get together!
Mom: All my kids, love you! 
Dad: To mom for helping with landscaping
☎️ Phone a Friend
Alice: I'm thinking of buying a new mattress! Any recommendations?
Leanna: Mom, how to bake your famous pie? Want to bake it for Bobby's birthday next month!
Ariel: Any words of encouragement on my fitness journey would be great. Love y'all!
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