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No.2 | September 21, 2020
✎ Made by Kaitlyn, Luke, Sebastian, & Michelle
Do you think of yourself as an "open" person?
Kaitlyn: If I feel safe, then I will feel comfortable with opening up. So, the question is do you feel safe? And by safety, it could mean that if I express myself sincerely and without filters, that the other person would not make me feel less than, nor will I feel like they will use these things against me later
Luke: You mean showing more of yourself, allowing yourself to be vulnerable before someone? Or like telling some of your secrets to somebody?

Maybe it's because I'm naive and clueless, but I always think that people mean the best. And if not, then they will just ignore/ghost me, so nothing to loose here. Also, how much of yourself can you really show?

So yeah for this kind of "open", I'd say all the time. For the latter, it's a lot more complex. Will people be hurt? If so, then do you really need to? How does it compare against the other points? What is ethically correct? I would tend to go for doing the right thing. But that's just my analytical un-emotional mind speaking.

Do you feel a desire to open-up? Do you want to open up?

For me "desire" is the physical urge to do something without having really put it to reflection. Once you've put things to reflection, and it's been decided then you can say you "want" something. So I'd say if you want to open up, then just do it :) 
Michelle: I try to be open with everyone I meet unless I have a reason not to. I think people are inherently good and so far, I've been lucky... I can understand how it may be harder with some people than others for whatever reason. I found it helpful to acknowledge your feelings as you open up. For example, "I want to share (something vulnerable) AND I am feeling (your feelings) about doing so."
Sebastian: Yeah, that's a hard one. I don't fucking know when to do that. I have my fun and easy going side, that shows everything is going well and shit. That's the side people mainly know. Even before that, I need an opening to feel I can do that.I don't think I "open up" to that many people honestly. There's ALWAYS a filter.

Even with Laura... even with my kids. I won't say certain things or touch certain subjects in front of my dad.I think there are different versions of me, and they go accordingly to what I get from the other person.
What is your favorite moment together as a group?
Kaitlyn: I loved the one trip we made to Big Bear and skiied all weekend. Sebastian falling into the fire pit was pretty hilarious. I still have the video hehe.
Luke: I have to say that it was when we had dinner at Kaitlyn's house and we all brought our favorite dish! I still crave Mark's cookies. You have my address, ship them to my house!
Michelle: Hmm...pretty hard one. I have so many favorite moments with y'all! I think it would have to be the time we went to Big Bear and everyone learned how to ski for the first time. Also let's not forget that drunken night. #lit
Sebastian: Hands down it was Luke's wedding. Who's getting married next?
📸 Photo Wall
Kaitlyn: Met my baby niece for the first time! I'm an auntie!
Luke: Had a delicious sushi takeout dinner as a treat last week. Tasty.
Michelle: Josh and I found a new place in Oakland. We are SO excited for it and can't wait to move in. It is a literal dream.
☀️ One Good Thing
Kaitlyn: I committed to figuring out the direction of my career after my current role. I've realized in the last 6 months that this isn't a place where I will be excited to be at for more than a couple more years (if that), especially given the firm's (lack of) responsiveness to really really important issues like sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and overall well being of employees since shelter-in-place.

I have been running running running to the next milestone - high school, college, law school, then pay off my student loans (end of 2022). Then what? I don't really know the answer to "what would you do if money wasn't a barrier?"
Luke: My sister got a really great job that fits her. It's a graphic design role at a a well established company. She had bounced around a couple time and now found something that she's really satisfied with. I'm so happy for her!!!
Michelle: With some other teachers in my district, we created the Mathematicians Project. We are giving students about 60-ish mathematicians of all different identities, along with accessible resources of Podcasts/Youtube/Newsela articles to research. They choose a Mathematician and the intention to show that there are Mathematicians that LOOK LIKE them...who are completely badass (versus what you normally find when you google "Mathematicians").

With their research, they make a Tik Tok video or whatever different medium they'd like. It's going to beOh, and I played Christina Aguilera's new-ish Reflection song...when teaching Geo students about transformations. They asked me to sing to it. I did. Chat laughter ensued (lmaoooooooooo).
Sebastian: I had some good conversations with Zachary (my 12 year old). I was trimming and filing Leos (my 5 year old) toe and finger nails and he fell asleep on me and starting making cat noises. Made my night.
☎️ Phone a Friend
Michelle: Best online furniture shop?
Luke: Looking for quick at-home workouts.
Sebastian: Been thinking about how I can better share my feelings with my mom. Any book recommendations?
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