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Issue No.24 · August 12, 2021

5 Questions with Minh Do

Minh Do is a cofounder, chief innovation officer, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. You can find him at

What was your path to where you are right now?
It's been a series of explorations. I can't sit still and I love to experiment. As a result, that's given me a love of many areas stretching into design, technology, entertainment, editorial, music, and education. Synthesizing them successfully has been the project of my 30's.

My go-to ritual to slow down is:
Meditating, walking, pushups, pull ups, and cuddling my dog. But honestly, playing hardcore video games while watching my favorite TV shows.

Vulnerability is:
Being as deeply honest as you can be with yourself. Allowing people to see your innermost fears and desires.

What do you do when you feel afraid?
Freeze up. Sweat. Mind running. Reset. Take a deep breath. Rinse and repeat. Look deep into myself later with shame, regret, and somehow renewal.

Something I wished more people asked me about is:
What do you think it means to be truly awake?

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