5 Questions with Michelle Huang

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

1. What makes you feel most alive lately?

I feel the most alive and connected when I am inspired, in awe, and in flow. This usually happens during my creative process. Recently, I've found that through adding small constraints, whether through time (finish 1 mini-project within 24 hours), or material (focus on a specific software), I feel fully permissioned to play in the relative liminality. Through seeing these projects to completion, re-writing previously held beliefs of what could be accomplished, makes life feel that much more saturated.

2. How do you integrate mindfulness into your daily routine?
I tend to slot new practices within my schedule in a way that pairs fluidly with my already existing habits / lifestyle. For example, every night before bedtime, I commit myself to at least 1 minute of meditation. This feels natural to me, because I will inevitably go to sleep everyday, and I will pretty much always have at least 60 seconds to spare. The session almost always goes for longer, but the small timeframe minimizes the psychological friction of getting started (which is oftentimes the hardest part).

3. Authenticity is:
Alignment through non-resistance: in short, knowing where Truth is and following it.

4. How do you nurture your creativity?
To break out of existing patterns of thinking, I add variation to my environment; workspaces and tools act as extensions of cognition. So I'll intentionally put myself in the way of inspiration (ie catching the sunrise), invest in new tech, or work out of a different coffee shop. Collaborations with others also allow for a unique way to intersect planes of siloed knowledge / expertise to unlock additional permutations to old ideas. In this regard, I've been doing more of these after a long stint of solo-creation — feel free to reach out if there's any mutual interest :)

5. What’s the one thing you really want to share more of with the world?
I'm excited about amplifying citizen science: allowing for more people, through their experience of art, to become scientists and inquisitors of their own worlds. My mission is to use interactive technology to increase the connectivity of the human psyche, further enable the inner creator and scientist, and of course -- scale wonder each step of the way.

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