5 Questions with Dianna Allen

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

1. What was your path to where you are right now?
My path all began with my mindset of "effort always equals progress". When I started TERRA, I didn't know how to create home fragrances, but I tried and I learned and I perfected the craft. I then promised myself every day that I would do 1 thing to push my business forward. 1 candle sold then turned into 50 then an order for 1500 landed in my lap, and I've been practicing the same initiatives ever since.

2. What is your go-to mantra?

You can always start over. I am someone who gives 100% on whatever I'm working on. In my situation, it's growing my business –– well, now two businesses! Because at the end of the day, I know that if all else fails, I can still get a job somewhere and make the money I need to make. I truly have nothing to lose other than what could possibly be gained.

3. What advice would you give to your teenage self?
My teenage years were rough, but you could never tell from the outside perspective. And I would tell myself to just keep doing that, keep pushing through all that's happening, and continue to push through whatever comes your way. It will pay off and you will be so happy about the situations you overcame and didn't allow to break you down.

4. What do you most value in your friendships?
I value safe spaces in friendships. All of my friendships are built off of being 100% genuine with each other. This means being able to express myself during the good times and the bad times in life, without judgement. My friends are my safety nets in life. Without someone to simply express my emotions to, I would be mentally unstable.

5. What did you recently change your mind about and why?
I most recently changed my mind about how I feel pressure from others. I often feel pressure from customers, as in, always wanting to be the best that I can for them. This actually brought on a lot of stress for me to constantly feel this way. I've accepted that I never actually changed anything in how I run my business from day 1, and that the pressure is completely in my head... I've now decided it simply does not exist.

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